Knowing the IMB


IMB offers a new online tool: Knowing the IMB


The International Mission Board has introduced a new interactive tool, Knowing the IMB, that enables Southern Baptists, in less than an hour, to discover what’s unique about the IMB and what churches can accomplish together.

Users will look at the organizational structure that can assist church leaders in the mission and find ways the IMB and churches can engage in the missionary task in a multitude of ways all over the world.

The resource uses interactive tools, videos, and infographics, and can easily be broken into smaller modules.

One especially appealing feature for leaders, says Sharp, is the ability to set up a group that can interact and work through the material together. An associational missions strategist, for instance, might use a module in meetings with church leaders who wish to learn ways to work with IMB.

The tool enables the user to start a discussion, ask questions and get technical help at any point. It also links users who wish to dig deeper to additional resources.