Gonzales Baptist Association Constitution

of the



Section 1. This Association shall be called the Gonzales Baptist Association

Section 2. The object of the Association shall be missionary, educational, benevolent, promotion of the unity of faith, and fellowship among Baptists and a concerted action by practical methods to advance the Redeemer's Kingdom.

Section 3.  This Association shall in no way interfere with the rights of the churches.  It disclaims any authority over them and recognizes them as independent bodies in matters of internal government.  It, however, claims the power to deny seats or withdraw fellowship from messengers representing churches heterodox in faith or disorderly in practice or conduct.



Section 1. This body shall be composed of messengers elected from Southern Baptist churches, sound in doctrine and practice, as stated in the Baptist Faith and Message, adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in 1925, or any subsequent revisions of the Baptist Faith and Message, and who voluntarily cooperate with the work of the Association.

Section 2. Every church cooperating with this Association shall be entitled to three messengers, and one (1) additional messenger for every twenty-five (25) members over the first fifty (50) members, provided that no church shall have more than ten (10) messengers.



Any church that desires to be a part of this Association shall meet the criteria set forth in ARTICLE II - MEMBERSHIP, Section 1. Application shall be made in the form of a petitionary letter to the office of the Director of Missions at least sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting.  An appointed Credentials Committee shall then examine the church's doctrine, practice and any history of cooperation with other associations, state or national Baptist entities.  After examination, the Credentials Committee may bring a recommendation for approval to the Annual Meeting to determine if they are accepted.  A  2/3 majority vote will be required for their acceptance into the Association.

(Revised at Annual Meeting, Oct. 12, 2008 at First Baptist Church, La Grange, Texas)



Section 1.  The general officers of the Association shall be:  Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, and such officers as the body deems necessary, who shall be elected annually.

Section 2. Election.  The general officers of the Association, the Departmental officers, and the Associational committees shall be nominated by the standing Nominating Committee at the first session of the Annual Meeting with the provision that other nominations may be made from the floor if desired.

Section 3.  Qualifications. No person shall be elected Moderator or Vice-Moderator who has not resided in the Association at least one (1) year immediately preceding his election.

Section 4.  Tenure of Office.  All officers and committees shall assume their duties at the close of the annual meeting and serve through the next Annual Meeting.  The Moderator and Vice-Moderator shall not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.  All other officers are eligible for re-election.

Section 5Duties of Officers

          Moderator: Perform the usual duties of a presiding officer, and preside over the sessions of the Executive Board.  He shall appoint all committees not elected by the Association.  He shall serve as Chairman of the Committee on the Order of Business of the Annual Meeting as as Chairman of the Program Committee.

          Vice-Moderator:  Perform all the duties as may be suggested by the Moderator, and in the absence of the Moderator shall assume the duties of that office.

          Clerk:  Keep a fair record of the proceedings of the Association, file all valuable papers in the order deemed to be preserved and shall supervise the printing of minutes and serve as secretary of the Executive Board of the Association.

          Treasurer:  Receive and disburse funds at the discretion of the Association upon order of the Association or its Executive Board.  The Treasurer shall prepare and distribute monthly and annually a printed report of the receipts and disbursements, and shall be allowed a fee for this services, the amount of which shall be set by the Associaton in its Annual Meeting upon recommendation of the Budget Committee.



Section 1 Membership:  The membership shall be composed of the officers of the Associaton, the Pastors of cooperating churches in the Association, and three (3) members from each church, duly authorized by that said church.  Nine (9) members shall constitute a quorum.

Section 2. Duties: The duties of the Executive Board shall be to transact all the business of the Association during the interval of the Annual Meetings.

Section 3. Meeting: The Executive Board shall meet once each quarter or at the call of the chairman.

Section 4.  Called Meetings: Called meetings may be convened by the Moderator at any time necessary, provided that notice is given to all cooperative churches at least seven (7) days in advance.

Section 5Association Business:  Association business shall be conducted between Executive Board meetings by the General Officers of the Association.



Regular Meetings:  The Association may promote such regular meetings of its promotional organizations as shall prove most effective for carrying out the total purpose of the Association.



Section 1. Membership on Standing Committees shall be on an annual rotating system with subsequent terms.  The Moderator and Director of Missions shall be notified of all committee meetings and shall participate as may be deemed necessary or helpful and as schedules permit.

     Standing Committees shall consist of the following:

           Nominating Committee  shall be composed of three (3) members elected by the Association, and shall have the responsibility of recommending the nominations to the Association for all officers and committees and shall fill all vacancies which may develop during the course of the year, subject to the approval of the Executivve Board.  They shall serve until their successors are elected as prescribed in Article IV, Section 4 of this Constitution.

           Missions Committee  shall be composed of the Associational WMU Director, and four (4) members elected by the Associaton.  It shall have the task of surveying local mission needs and opportunities, encourage local churches to sponsor missions services, and make a survey of all churches of missions applying for pastoral supplement or building aid, and shall make reports to the Executive Board of the Association for approval.

           Program Committee  shall consist of the Moderator as Chairman and all the officers of the Association.

          Area Steering Committee (of the South Central Baptist Area)  shall consist of four (4) members, one of which shall be the Moderator, the remaining three (3) members shall be elected by the Association upon recommendation of the Nominating Committee, or nominated from the floor in the Annual Meeting.  The Committee shall give true and proper representation of the Gonzales Association to the general Steering Committee of our denominational work and in connection with the other association (Gambrell) that makes up this Area.  Each member shall deem it valuable to serve as good liaison workers and will seek to be informed of the Director of Missions' work, as well as be prepared to keep the Associaton in vital touch with important phases of Kingdom work.  A committee member is to either attend the Steering Committee meetings himself of have one of the Associational brethren represent him at the said meetings.

          Budget Committee  shall be composed of three (3) to five (5) members including the Treasurer.  The committee shall elect its own Chairman.  The Committee shall present a suggested budget for review by the Executive Board as least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting and shall present a proposed budget to the Annual Meeting.  The Committee shall serve throughout the year to give adivce and recommendation in financial matters and to promote the finances of the Association.

          Evangelism Committee  shall be composed of three (3) members elected by the Association.  It shall have the task of supervising and encouraging the perennial work of soul-winning through the Association.

Section 2.  Special Committees:  The Moderator shall appoint such commmittees as necessary for the carrying out of the work of the Association and the Executive Board of the Association.

Section 3Temporary Committees:  The Moderator shall appoint such committees (Preacher, Resolutions, etc.) as will be needed to carry out the business of the Association.



Section 1.  This Constitution may be amended if the proposed amendment be offered in writing during one of the first sessions of the Annual Meeting, or lie over to a subsequent hour for consideration, the hour having been set and announced by the Moderator, in one of the first sessions of the Annual Meeting.

Section 2.  The amendment shall pass by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the messengers present at the Annual Meeting.



All business of the Association, Executive Board, all related groups of meetings shall be conducted in an approved parliamentary manner, as governed by Robert's Rules of Order.



Adopted , October 12, 1964

Revised October 17, 1989; October 20, 1981; October 18, 1999; October 21, 2001; October 12, 2008.