COVID-19 Resources

State Convention COVID-19 Resource Pages

The following websites offer a wealth of helpful information for your churches.

       BGCT Resource Page:

       SBTC Resource Page:

Revising Bylaws for Online Meetings

These suggestions were developed by Cecil Deadman to help churches revise their bylaws.

Church By-Law Revisions (Suggestions)

Conducting Online Business Meetings

A webinar hosted by ChurchLaw & Tax. This is not just for virtual meetings but contains some good reminders for how we are to entertain, discuss, and vote on motions in any business meeting.

"Making Sure Your Church Virtual Meeting is Legally Valid"(Webinar Replay)

Power Point Slides (Webinar Notes)


The following links are for those who want to go deeper into the topic.

Roberts Rules of Order (Special Rules Suggestions)

Roberts Rules of Order (Electronic Meetings) 

(Entire Text)

Financial Advice

This website offers financial designed specifically developed for non-profits.

Non-Profit Financial Resources


Payroll Protection Program (CARES Act)

Webinar for churches who applied for payroll protection.

 "Our Church Got a PPP Loan. Now What?"

Preaching To a Camera

This is a helpful presentation by Dr. Ronnie Floyd on how to maximize your preaching through a camera.

[Preaching to a Camera]

Congregational Survey

This survey will help you assess the 'pulse' of your congregation as you make plans to regather. It is customizable. Replace the Lifeway logo with your church's logo. Replace the blue text with words and phrases unique to your church.

[Lifeway Congregational Survey]

NOTE: The link to the survey is at the bottom of the article:  (Lifeway Research COVID-19 Congregational Survey)

Regathering Checklist

This checklist is provided by the State of Texas for churches to use in planning their regathering. These guidelines were updated on April 27.

[Checklist for Places of Worship]

Guidelines for Houses of Worship

These are the guidelines established by the State of Texas for churches.

[Guidelines for Houses of Worship]

Open Texas Manual

This is the manual/guidelines published by the State of Texas with specific guidelines for individuals and churches.

[Open Texas Manual]