Gambrell Association Disaster Relief

Leader: Bill Pyle

The Gambrell Association Disaster Relief Team is made up of men and women in the association churches who respond to disaster needs around Texas and in surrounding states.  The teams make use of a shower trailer, a clean-out trailer, a box trailer, a generator, pressure washers, and other equipment necessary to answer a disaster call-out.

    There are also team members who are trained to establish and maintain child-care at a disaster scene.
    Periodic training is available for new volunteers in all areas of disaster relief.


For more information about the Disaster Relief ministry training events, monthly meetings, or to have a representative speak in your church or to a church organization, contact Bill Pyle at 210-315-3718 or contact the Area office, 830-672-3830.   

  April 2021  
Upcoming Events


National Association of Ministry Assistants
Southwester Baptist Theological Seminary Riley Center
April 28-30. This is the Nationals and not State Conference. It has never to my knowledge been held in Texas.